“When you want crystal clear, balanced, powerful sound and want it all under tight deadlines, it can be hard to find the right people. You want someone who can do all the worrying for you and carry the project from beginning to end, giving you feedback and advice where necessary. This is where DNA Productions UK can help. In all conditions and with premium equipment, we bring sound to life. The mission is the clarity ears deserve and the dedication expected at the very top level.”

LMV Productions

“I can’t recommend Douglas strongly enough for any feature production. Not only is he a consummate professional and highly collaborative, he is also patient, generous with his expertise and a sheer joy to have on set. If you aren’t working with him already, you should be.”

Bass Taste Records – USA

“When we received the tracks back from Douglas, we were really stoked at how crisp and massive the sound was in the end. We also really enjoyed how fast and communicative he was with us. We are definitely staying in touch for more work in the future!”

Winters Island- UK

“Each mix given to Mr Fayers has come back in a different form, alive! We hand all of our tracks over for mastering, confident we will get the perfect balance that translates well on any system. Glistening highs and a chunky bottom is what we expect and what we get each time.”

Mountblood – USA

“Working with Douglas was great, his timing was efficient. His work was impeccable. Not to mention the staggeringly quick turn around and prompt correspondence. He brought out some massive sounds from my tracks. I will definitely work with him in the future.”