DNA Productions UK was formed in 2011 by Douglas Fayers. Originally from Devon, in the south west of England, Douglas is a London based Sound Recordist, Mix & Mastering Engineer and Foley Artist. He is also a formidable DJ and Producer.

Douglas originally came to London in 2006 to pursue his ambitions in the audio and film industries. He completed a BSc Music Technology degree at London Metropolitan University, coming away with First Class honours. At this time he was out engineering live gigs and mixing pre-recorded acoustic music. After plenty of live and studio based experience and after considerable financial investment, he was signed up to two Birmingham based record labels as their mastering engineer. Before too long Douglas was mixing and mastering for several more record labels and individual artists around the globe.

Douglas’ work in film began with Foley projects in 2009/10. His enthusiasm became the main driving force for more investment in his future and soon he was a fully equipped location sound recordist and mixer. Working with several clients producing corporate videos, advertisements and short films, Douglas soon built up a reputable contact base and through this he started work on his first feature film in 2011.

Since entering the industries, Douglas has worked hard to maintain excellence in his work. He is always committed to the companies he works with and produces high quality results, even in the most challenging of work environments. This has resulted in his services becoming sought after time after time as his name is referred from client to client.