Sound Recordist/Boom Operator:

Massive Films: Feature ‘Consequence’.

Massive Films: Feature ‘Coolio’.

Paulden Productions: ‘Aunties’ TV Series

Penrake Productions: ‘The Prowler’

Penrake Productions: ‘Bunking Off’

Penrake Productions: ‘The Paintbrush’

LMV Productions: Feature ‘Gangsters, Guns and Zombies’

Lonely Crow Productions: Feature ‘Forest of the Damned II’

Red Creative Film: Short ‘ Lovely Vengeance’

Red Pill Productions: Commercial Virals ‘Talk Sport’

Red Pill Productions: Commercial ‘Marque-it’

Racam Media Group: Showreel ‘Alexandra Vevers’

Racam Media Group: Showreel ‘Angela Pollard’

Racam Media Group: Commercial ‘Goodman Jones’

Racam Media Group: Commercial ‘Goodman Jones International’

MickSing Productions: Showreel ‘Claire-Monique Martin’

MickSing Productions: Showreel ‘Paul Knight’

MickSing Productions: Showreel ‘Michelle Harris’

Mastering Engineer:

Styx Recordings: STYX001, STYX002, STYX003, STYX004, STYX005, STYX006Chronos Records: CHRO001, CHRO002, CHRO003

Winters Island: ‘Chasing Time’, ‘We Fly’, ‘Searching for Stars’, ‘Machu Picchu’, Owl & Pussycat, Ares, Island

Bass Taste Records: ‘Bits’, ‘Dreama’, ‘Dreama VIP’, ‘Music Box’, ‘Take Me In’

Mister Six: ‘Irridescent’

Mountblood: ‘Bena’, ‘Coastal Clash’, ‘Crinical’, ‘Fangs’, ‘Feral’, ‘Mutant Force’

Spectra: ‘Badman Tonic’, ‘Cala Tarida’, ‘Drive’, ‘Ignition’, ‘Nebula’, ‘Reality’, ‘Visions’



Mix Engineer:

Diamond Geezer: ‘I Am The Diamond Geezer’, ‘Death of a Nation’, ‘Flying High’, ‘Howling at the Moon’, ‘The Book’, The Terrorist In My Head’, ‘These Boots Are Made For Walking’, ‘Venues For Gigs’, ‘War Child’

Mountblood: ‘Crinical’, ‘Fangs’, ‘Feral’, ‘Mutant Force’

James Nichols: ‘Lets Get It’

Foley Artist:

Lonely Crow: Feature ‘Forest of the Damned II’

Lonely Crow: Feature ‘Angels’

Paulden Productions: TV series ‘Aunties’